CAGNY 2022 Conference

The CAGNY2022 Conference is only open to CAGNY members. Follow this link to join CAGNY now.

Conference Policies

Ad hoc Meetings/Events

To preserve the longstanding open and collegial atmosphere of CAGNY, sell-side or otherwise sponsored alternative meals and events are not permitted during the conference. This applies to both equity and credit analysts. Violations may result in revocation of membership privileges.

Corporate Finance/ Investment Bankers

As is longstanding policy to preserve equal access and ensure regulatory compliance, CAGNY events are closed to currently employed Investment Banking or Corporate Finance professionals regardless of current or prior affiliation.

CAGNY Media Policy:

  1. Members of the media may register for the conference by clicking the Registration link below.
  2. Members of the media are permitted in presentations, but not permitted in the follow-up Q&A room or any breakout rooms.
  3. Executives may not be “rushed” after their presentation.
  4. Members of the media may not ask questions in the general sessions.

2022 CAGNY Media Registration

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